Make your home alive with 'LIFE'

Smart Switch Module

Our smart and easy to install switch module with three easily detachable components will replace your regular and mundane switchboards. Read more

Cloud Server

The switchboard and the app are connected to each other through our secure cloud servers, round the clock. Read more

Mobile app

You can access all the appliances that you have automated using our smartphone app or web application and control all the appliances. Read more

Our Mission

Save Energy

Forgot to switch off the fan before leaving home or left the laptop plugged in but there is nothing you can do about it in normal scenarios but with our product, you have the accessibility of all your appliances from anywhere in the world if you have internet connectivity.

Save Time

Realizing that at times you are so exhausted or busy that you don’t want to get up for switching on the lights. You wish if you could control all your appliances at your fingertips. Providing you with that control by making your home smart and alive is our primary goal.

Save Money

Our services give you access of real time data of energy being used by your appliances and notifies you when an appliance that should supposedly be off is still on. You can also schedule your appliance as per your need and save a lot of electricity, resulting in reduction of your electricity bill.

Media Coverage

Alive Family

Poonam Gupta

Founder & CEO

Ashish Kumar

Head, Hardware Developer

Pravin Mishra

Vice President, Business Development

Nihaal Modi

Head, Software

Vedant Srivastava

Head, Business Development

Ajay Ranwa

Business Development Manager

Annanya Singh

Hardware Developer

Digvijay Anand

Hardware Developer

Mrityunjay Sharma

Hardware Developer